A number of international automotive parts supplier associations have come together to issue a statement of cooperation on safeguarding against counterfeiting and intellectual property rights violations (IPR) in the global automotive industry.

Representatives of CLEPA, the European association of automotive suppliers; the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA) and the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), which represents North American motor vehicle parts suppliers, issued a statement on the issue.

"Recognizing the value of and respect for intellectual property rights, the three associations –CLEPA, JAPIA, and MEMA – have joined…to take a unified position to further the effort to eliminate counterfeiting and violations of intellectual property rights,” the statement said. “Counterfeiting of products worldwide is a multi-billion dollar cost. The incidence of automotive parts counterfeiting is growing and is costing legitimate parts manufacturers billions of dollars annually.

“Not only is the economic impact significant, but counterfeited low quality parts are a danger and can cause accidents and deaths,” the statement continued. “Given the risk that low quality counterfeit automotive parts and products pose to public health and safety, we acknowledge that all counterfeiting activities must be firmly challenged globally…The importance of this to the public and to the parts manufacturing community can not be overstated. Working together the international parts supplier community intends to address this issue and reduce the amount of IPR violations."