The Texas Fuel Team, a cooperative effort between the private sector and government that works with state agencies to coordinate fuel services during disasters, has begun implementing refueling plans put in place before Hurricane Ike hit, The Houston Chronicle has reported.

Before the storm, the group staged workers, tankers and generators to deploy to the affected region. Those trucks and workers have started to deliver fuel and generators to the Houston area.

“Fuel workers are working around the clock to bring all elements of the fuel infrastructure back online to re-establish normal fuel production and delivery,” said Debbie Hastings, spokesperson for the Texas Fuel Team, in a statement cited on The Houston Chronicle’s Hurricane Ike blog. “Progress to restore the fuel infrastructure is underway as a Texas port has re-opened, refineries are preparing for re-start procedures, and several fuel terminals and gas stations have generator power.

“The fuel system needs people, power, ports, pipelines and raw materials to make and deliver fuel and we're seeing progress on all fronts,” Hastings continued. “Re-starting the fuel system is a process and safety is our first priority. Assessment teams are inspecting facilities for structural damage, electrical problems, road safety, and flooding to be sure it is safe for additional employees to return to affected regions. There is still work to do to be sure the entire fuel system comes back online safely.”

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