Big haul

Over two-million dollars in U.S. currency was confiscated by the Nebraska State Patrol during a recent “criminal interdiction” at an I-80 truck stop. State troopers noticed suspicious activity in the parking lot of a truck stop at the Gretna Interchange. The officers contacted two men near the vehicle and were given permission to search the van. That search turned up two suitcases and a backpack containing 40 vacuum sealed packages of U.S. currency totaling $2,169,403. “This is the largest cash seizure in Nebraska State Patrol history,” said Colonel Tom Nesbitt, superintendent. “Our officers are always mindful of possible criminal activity. This time that keen perception led to two-million dollars in drug profits being taken off the streets.” The two men driving the van indicated they were headed to the West Coast. They were questioned and released. Why, we don't know.

Dana Corp. celebrated its 100th birthday on April Fools' Day. No fool he, rather an engineer, Clarence Spicer founded the component supplier when he began producing encased universal joints on April 1, 1904. That product effectively replaced the sprocket-and-chain power transmission, the manufacturer notes. Charles Dana, an attorney and financier, got involved ten years later, expanding u-joint production and adding axles, frames, transmissions, and engine products to the lineup. Oh yes, the company did end up bearing his name. Clarence's surname, of course, lives on as one of its leading brands.

Hats off

In a survey of more than a thousand drivers conducted by the National Survey of Drivers Wages, PrePass reports it was “chosen as the top choice and most requested benefit by drivers 66% of the time.”

Each of 1,143 randomly selected drivers worked for truckload carriers with at least 250 tractors. “This survey emphasizes what we are also seeing in our increasing enrollment of PrePass,” notes Dick Landis, president & CEO of HELP Inc., the public-private partnership behind PrePass. PrePass enables qualified motor carriers to comply electronically with state weight, safety and credential requirements while traveling at normal highway speeds. Motor carrier participation is strictly voluntary and carrier participation is subject to state qualification standards.

Launched in California in 1995, PrePass® is now operational at 242 locations in 24 states.

“Today is a heck of a lot better than a year ago — and way better than the year before that. From our standpoint, we've met the trough in the trucking industry and are on the way back up.”
— Bill Greubel, CEO of Wabash Trailers, speaking at the Mid-America Trucking Show

Fleet names we love Write-in vote

“Add this one to your list of ‘Fleet Names We Love’:

Andy Bryant's “JUST ANOTHER TRUCK” of Knox, ME. He hauls Coors beer into us for Walker Transportation.”
Lars Ohman, fleet mechanic
Central Distributors, Inc. Lewiston, ME

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