Got PR?

The 2004 “Got Milk? Shake Stuff Up Tour” (that's a mouthful), which promotes milk drinking on behalf of America's dairy farmers and milk processors, is making its rounds to over 400 events around the country courtesy of three new Sprinter vans donated by Dodge. “In planning for a tour where we visit 100 cities in less than eight months,we absolutely had to have transportation we could depend on and that had the size, safety and comfort that can get us through this coast-to-coast tour,” says Alex Abraham, Shake Stuff Up Tour manager. The tour ( got under way in April and will be on the road through October.

Free speech

We're really hurting — the rates have been the same since 1979. They [customers] are losing millions right now [due to the owner-operator shutdown]. Before they wouldn't talk to us. But now we have them on the table.”
Thirty year veteran driver Irvinder Dhanda on how a protest by independent truckers froze operations at the Port of Oakland (CA) — the nation's fourth busiest — last month.

At the wheel

“So I signed up for CDL school and my instructor was an ex-Marine who served in Korea. After a couple of hours, he said, ‘Son, are you trying to drive this tractor?’ I said, ‘Yes, sir.’ Then he replied, ‘No, what you're trying to do is drive the trailer - all the tractor does is keep the rain off your face.’”
— Dee Kapur, president of International Truck & Engine Corp.'s truck group

Wipe a grin off…

So put off by Kentucky's “Mr. Smiley” license plate, the Advertising Federation of Louisville has launched a campaign to get Kentuckians to vote for one of five alternative designs. The winning plate will be submitted to the state legislature and if 900 residents sign a petition and pay for the plate in advance, it will be offered. To vote, go to

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