OEMs reach out

Kenworth employees pose with the new Kenworth T800 dump truck being donated to the City of New Orleans to aid in the post-Katrina cleanup efforts.

Employees of Peterbilt's Denton TX plant stand before the new Model 378 complete with dump body being donated to the City of New Orleans to assist in the city's post-Katrina cleanup.


Thanks for finally saying it! (“No time for drones,” pg. 17, 8/05) I have been an equipment manager for three construction-based companies during the last 25 years and have referred personally to the drone syndrome as “the construction mentality.” I am criticized sometimes for being “too nice” or not getting angry at employees for not performing their tasks correctly. I agree with the honest, critical feedback approach and experience daily the benefits of good teaching and training. Thanks for opening eyes.
Mark A. Gannon
Equipment Manager
Hulcher Professional Services
Denton, TX

Fuel bites

“Things have been tough, but we've never seen anything like this. Our members are telling us [high fuel prices] are killing them and their customers. We worry about its impact on the stability of the nation's supply chain and our economy, too.”
Rick Todd, president, South Carolina Trucking Assn.

“There's nothing more valuable to a trucking company than a good driver who stays put — and there's nothing more critical to achieving that than a well-trained recruiter.”
Steve Whiting, president, T.A.W. Recruiting Solutions

Racing to the clouds

In this year's International Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Mike Ryan piloted his Freightliner racer to the top of the 14,110-ft mountain over a treacherous dirt track with a time of just 12:46.815, fast enough to best two competitors and drive away with the trophy for the Big Rig class.

“The meek shall inherit the earth — but not the mineral rights.”
J. Paul Getty (1892-1976)

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