Watch out, Hummers

While many avid outdoors types are content to head into the woods at the wheel of a beat-up pickup with no special gear beyond a stocked cooler, International Truck & Engine Corp. thinks its new CXT medium-duty chassis has the makings of a rough and ready off-roader. This camo CXT is fitted with a full-size tow truck harness and a rooftop viewing perch. There's even a built-in refrigerator so you can ditch that battered Coleman once and for all.

“We continue to see a good economy across the board. Our absolute business volumes are healthy and remain consistent with our earlier expectations."
Bill Zollars, chairman, president & CEO, Yellow Roadway

Ah, the driving life

Atlas Van Lines says its latest rather unscientific “King of the Road” survey of 125 of its 3,300 long-haul truckers revealed these 10 tidbits, among others:

  1. Florida has the best rest stops (29%)
  2. Colorado's I-70 is most scenic highway (12%)
  3. Many (35%) stop from 3-10 times a year to help other motorists
  4. Rolaids is best for indigestion (23%), just ahead of Tums (21%)
  5. Country rules the airwaves (34%) but ‘60s-‘80s hits rate high (30%)
  6. Subway restaurants win plaudits (26%) among road food chains
  7. Coffee with cream and sugar (35%) out-orders black (24%)
  8. Cell phone use is high (96%) but the CB is a stalwart pick (56%)
  9. Techies lug a laptop (20%) and satellite radios are hot (30%)
  10. Most (54%) prefer spending time off with family yet others (22%) would rather be hunting and fishing
For Pete's sake

Peterbilt Motors recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the opening of its Denton, TX, plant with a Texas-size celebration — complete with a classic car show, model airplane demonstration, BMX stunt bike show, and plenty of hot dogs and hamburgers for all 5,000 on hand

Back in August 1980, the first Pete built in Denton — a white Model 359 — rolled off the line. In the 25 years since, more than 238,000 trucks have followed it.

“The tools and technologies used to build the trucks, the logistics, the capacity and efficiency, have all dramatically improved through the years,” notes Dan Sobic, Peterbilt gm. “What remains constant is the dedication and craftsmanship of the employees, the pride and quality that goes into every vehicle.”

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