CG/LA Infrastructure LLC, recently announced the release of its Top 100 Infrastructure Projects in North America. According to CG/LA, the total estimated value of these projects is nearly $465 billion with a potential to create nearly 7 million full-time employment positions over the coming five years.

The Top 100 list was released prior to CG/LA’s 2nd North America Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum, which will be held September 29-October 1, 2010 in Washington, DC. Projects are focused on the long-term competitiveness of North America, and were identified through a participatory process with industry professionals.

The Top 100 encompasses ten infrastructure sectors, including renewable energy (US $19 billion) surface transportation ($50 billion) and ports and logistics ($3 billion). Urban mass transit ($132 billion), water and wastewater ($5 billion), airports ($28 billion), digital ($21 billion), electricity ($78 billion), high speed rail ($60 billion), oil and gas ($13 billion) were also included in the list.

Projects were selected and scored based on contribution to local economic productivity, contribution to global competitiveness, reliable projections as to opportunity/jobs creation, business opportunity creation over the next 3-18 months, and energy productivity.

“The 2nd North America Leadership Forum highlights those projects that will anchor our region’s long-term competitiveness,” said Norman F. Anderson, President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure. The Leadership Forum will host not only the top projects in the US, but also leading initiatives in Canada and Mexico. “When it comes to infrastructure, North America requires vision, public sector excellence and persistent, effective, leadership – the Obama Administration has made a great start, with a series of innovative financing mechanisms that will be featured at the Forum.”