The payroll and customer billing process has become easier with the Transflo Express truckstop scanning solution, according to Jon Russell, president & COO of TruckersB2B.

TruckersB2B has partnered with document-management solutions provider Pegasus TransTech to offer speedier transmission of documents from truck to office, improving cash flow and reducing operating expenses. Drivers simply hand their documents to a cashier are one of more than 500 truckstops nationwide, including all Pilot and Love's travel centers. In seconds, the documents are sent electronically to the fleet for immediate billing or payroll processing.

"TruckersB2B is proud to work with industry-leading vendors like Pegasus TransTech to provide our members with significant savings," said Russell. "Transflo Express is a great service to offer to our members that will allow them to gain immediate access to their payroll and billing documents."

TruckersB2B is a business-to-business membership program that provides savings to thousands of small and medium-sized trucking companies.