UPS Freight has increased its services to Mexico and Toronto, promising faster transit times for freight moving between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Customs brokerage capabilities and single invoicing for all services between the three countries will be available. In Mexico, UPS will provide door-to-door service while adding next-day services for freight moving to and from Toronto to include Michigan, northern Ohio and northern Indiana, the company said.

“The expanded service to and from Mexico ensures that customers on both sides of the border will enjoy faster transit times,” said UPS Freight vp of strategy Kevin Hartman. “We’ve effectively combined UPS’s global trade experience with local market expertise to deliver the fast, reliable service customers are demanding throughout North America.”

Technology will help UPS speed customs paperwork by identifying shipments as soon as they enter the UPS network, enabling the company to prepare the necessary documents before the goods arrive at the border. UPS Customs Brokerage prepares shipment classification, inspections, customs documentation preparation and collection of applicable duties and fees.

The company will use five border crossings, including three in Texas, for freight moving to Mexico.