LOUISVILLE, KY. Eaton Corp.’s UltraShift Plus automated transmission will now be an available option on Kenworth Class 8 trucks.

The transmission is available in 10- to 18-spd. configurations with torque capabilities from 1,450 to 2,050 lbs.-ft.

“Fleets are increasingly interested in automated transmissions,” said Jason Skoog, Kenworth director of marketing planning and research. “The new electronic clutch actuation technology in the Eaton UltraShift Plus will not only benefit our on-highway customers, but also those operating Kenworth T800 and W900 trucks in construction and other vocational applications.”

The transmission’s electronic clutch actuation system allows for quick shifts and clutch engagement, regardless of rpms. The system automatically selects an appropriate start gear and adapts shift decisions based on the driving environment, Kenworth said.

Included in the transmission is hill start aid, which holds the truck on an incline for three seconds to allow drivers time to shift their foot from the brake to the throttle without rolling, and creep mode which provides constant ground speed for low-speed control. Auto neutral automatically shifts the transmission to neutral if the vehicle is in a non-neutral mode, at or near zero ground speed, and the parking brakes are set.