LOUISVILLE. A new 53-foot refrigerated trailer model is coming to the U.S. this year from China International Marine Container [CIMC] in partnership with Houston, TX-based Direct Chassis LLC.

The CIMC R8000 will be available for purchase starting in June and at first will be built completely in mainland China and shipped to the U.S., according to Denny Williams, a U.S. consultant with CIMC. By October, however, CIMC plans to begin final assembly of the reefer trailer at the Monon, IN, plant owned by its subsidiary, Vanguard National Trailer Corp., he said.

“The ‘modular kit’ design of this trailer is one of its advantages in the market, as it will allow for easier and faster repairs of certain components,” Williams told FleetOwner. “In the case of major damage, whole sections can be easily replaced, such as the sidewall.”

Other features include a patented two piece top rail that does not intrude into the sidewall insulation, creating a barrier to moisture. The corrugated roof design of the reefer trailer allows for expansion and contraction of the roofing material due to hot and cold temperatures while keeping the roof tight, with the nose area designed so the reefer units themselves can be “slipped” easily on and off the trailer for repairs or replacement.

Finally, Williams said that the air and electrical wires for the reefer trailer are gathered and bundled into separate “channels” to making checking them easier on technicians.

CIMC said it hopes this reefer model – designed specifically for the North American market – will help it grow market share in the U.S.