MIAMI. The AT Traxer is a compact battery powered device that combines GPS location and a variety of wireless communications options to monitor any mobile vehicle. Particularly well-suited to container and trailer tracking, according to developer Assured Tracking, it can handle up to four sensor inputs and can send twice-daily position locations for up to three months without battery recharge.

The unit is capable of using either GSM digital wireless data networks or SMS wireless messaging for communications. It also has store-and-forward capability. Active geofencing allows users to set boundries over-the-air, and the tracker can be instructed to only transmit locations when it crosses those boundries.

Other features include over-the-air programming and firmware upgrades, according to AT Traxer, as well as easy interfaces with navigation software running on a PDA or laptop.

The developer offers two software fleet management packages for the system -- one PC-based for small fleets and a full-featured package for integration with other transportation management systems.

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