Citgo Petroleum Corp. has introduced its new Citgo QuatraSyn synthetic transmission fluid, which it said is engineered “to deliver unsurpassed performance” while helping heavy-duty powershift and automatic transmissions “stand up to excessive loads and severe operating conditions.”

According to Citgo, the fluid is a blend of synthetic base stocks and special additives that allow it to remain in the transmissions system longer, enabling fleets to extend drain and filter intervals and reduce the cost of fluid replacement. And, the company added, the fluid’s proprietary formulation can contribute to increased fuel economy when compared t mineral-oil based fluids.

QuatraSyn meets the requirements for several leading automatic transmission units: Dexron III (for GM vehicles); Mercon and Mercon V (for Ford vehicles) and Allison C-4 and Allison TES 295.

Citgo warrants at no charge that if QuatraSyn fails to meet all stated standards and specifications it will “cover all reasonable costs of repairs for all damages that are directly caused by the failure.”

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