DriveCam, Inc. has launched a monthly, per-vehicle service that uses video clips captured from operating commercial trucks to spot risky driving behaviors. Each day, DriveCam staff review driving events triggered by risky driving or accidents under the Managed Services program. Reviewers then provide detailed reports for fleet supervisors that specify driver areas for improvement.

When the vehicle is in the truck yard, the video file is sent wirelessly to a local server and then sent to DriveCam’s review center in San Diego via the internet.

“Consistent driver feedback is the answer to lowering fleet operating costs and improving safety,” said Bruce Moeller, DriveCam president & CEO. “With the introduction of Managed Services, our goal is to make it easy for fleets to immediately secure the bottom line benefits of improved driving behavior. Our trained experts know what to look for and what works to prevent future incidents. We are so confident that it will lower both frequency and severity of claims and accident investigation costs by at least 30%, we guarantee the results.”

“The reviewers at DriveCam have the expertise in driving behavior to recognize problems, identify root cause, and provide guidelines for driver counseling,” said Julie Gasper, director of risk management for McBride Electric. “Our drivers respond better with objective feedback. The reports provided by DriveCam give me the ability to quickly evaluate the program at different locations and gauge the effectiveness. We have been using DriveCam Managed Services for several months and have significantly reduced both the frequency and severity of incidents.”

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