DALLAS. A new consulting firm is taking the field to help fleets improve the skills of their recruiting departments.

“There is nothing more important to a trucking company than a well-trained recruiter,” Steve Whiting, president of T.A.W. Recruiting Solutions, told Fleet Owner here at the Great American Trucking Show. “The only thing stopping the growth of trucking companies is a lack of good drivers, but the only way to get them in the door and keep them is through good recruiting.”

T.A.W. has three consultants--Whiting, Troy Austin, and Joe Teague—whose combined experience includes stints at over 100 trucking companies over the past nine years. Their new firm focuses solely on recruiting issues for fleets, including training recruiters, analyzing advertising strategy, and assessing recruiters’ language skills.

“The Hispanic population is becoming a huge potential pool of truck drivers, so you’re going to need recruiters who are bilingual in the future in order to attract those workers,” Whiting said.

T.A.W. also plans to hold three recruiting seminars for fleets this fall:

  • Oct. 20, Carlisle PA
  • Nov. 10, Atlanta, GA
  • Dec. 8, Kansas City, MO

    “What makes a good recruiter is knowledge of trucking and the truck driver’s lifestyle, communication skills, followup, and the ability to spot ‘red flags’ in new recruits,” Teague told Fleet Owner. “If new drivers are leaving your fleet after 45 days, that’s a recruiting issue. That’s one of the problems we hope our services can change.”

    For more information, go to www.recruitingproblems.com.