, a provider of web-to-wireless communications services, and PeopleNet Communications Corp., an Internet-based vehicle location and mobile communications provider, are joining forces.

The two companies have forged an agreement that will provide PeopleNet customers with hourly updates of GPS location data via’s MicroBurst wireless telemetry network.

Ron Konezny, chief technology officer at PeopleNet, said that by leveraging technology with his company’s systems, trucking companies should gain a new and powerful tool in hourly updates. The tool will allow them to reduce costs and better manage their fleets, he said.’s nationwide wireless network will provide back-end connections and support to PeopleNet’s base of trucking customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. By using Aeris’s data messaging infrastructure, PeopleNet’s customers will be able to receive frequent, affordable and real-time updates on their fleets’ locations. said it currently has contracts deploying MicroBurst technology in cellular service areas in 98% of the U.S. and all of Mexico and Canada.