Express delivery and heavyweight airfreight carriers are putting their cargo aircraft back in the air, albeit slowly, as the apprehension of terrorists at two New York airports late yesterday heightened fears of possible further hijackings and suicide attacks.

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., said it has launched nearly 60 aircraft network to relieve the burden on its ground network. The company said the number of trucks serving the FedEx Express network has nearly tripled over the past few days to fill the gap from grounding its aircraft fleet.

FedEx has made moving medical supplies, emergency equipment and payroll-related shipments a priority. FedEx said its has increased security at all of its locations around the world and is in full compliance with the new security guidelines issued by the federal government. FedEx added that its money back guarantee remains suspended, but wants to reinstate it soon.

California-based heavy freight carrier BAX Global said it resumed full air operations last night and will continue to launch plnes assuming no further changes by the Federal Aviation Administration and local Port Authorities is ordered.

BAX Global is operating flights from the following cities: Seattle, Denver, San Jose CA, Brownsville, TX, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Memphis and Rockford, IL. BAX expects to be fully operational by Monday, with all offices open and processing shipments. Service to Manhattan and adjacent areas in New York City, however, will continue to be severely restricted because of limited road access.

Seattle-based Airborne Express said it also has cargo planes back in the air and that is has resumed its normal shipment pickup operation. Due to new security considerations, however, Airborne said its service will be dependent upon the regulations made by individual airports across the country as a result of more stringent FAA requirements.

Due to this uncertainty in the air system and the backlog of freight incurred during the past several days of restrictions, Airborne said it customers should still expect to experience delivery delays.