ArvinMeritor Inc. has announced today that its long-standing joint venture with Quimmco S.A C.V. of Monterrey, Mexico, will be restructured in January.

The result will be an increase in the level of participation that the global component and systems supplier currently maintains with the joint venture, Monterrey-based Dirona S.A., which will be renamed Sistemas Automotrices de Mexico. It will be mutually managed by both partners.

"We’re enhancing a long-term joint venture by further combining ArvinMeritor’s marketing position and product technology with Quimmco's established manufacturing and operations expertise," said ArvinMeritor senior vp Tom Gosnell.

The joint venture will establish an equal partnership focused on manufacturing and supplying a combined offering of Dirona, Sudisa and Meritor brands of products for medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks and trailers to vehicle manufacturers’ facilities located in Mexico through ArvinMeritor.