Caldwell Freight Lines Inc., which specializes in furniture deliveries to retail outlets, is preparing to outfit the majority of its 1000+ trailer fleet with GE VeriWise (GEV) asset tracking. The overhaul is expected to be complete in the second quarter.

“Via our website, we currently offer our customers the best shipment-tracking system available,” said David Brenner, Caldwell president. “We’re in the process of integrating the GEV technology with this system; together they will allow us to track more than the shipment; we can track down to the SKU.”

The routes that Caldwell runs generally have up to 15 stops and GEV will anable customers to track their orders every step of the way, the carrier said.

Caldwell cites GEV’s ability to work in both urban and rural areas as a factor in its decision to choose the technology.