The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and Teamsters Canada announced this week that they had reached an agreement on proposed changes to the commercial vehicle driver hours-of-service rules. The agreement revolves around capping the maximum number of hours drivers could operate their vehicle within a single shift. The two organizations would like to see this limit set at thirteen hours.

The proposal currently waiting review by a Commons committee doesn't distinguish between hours worked and hours driven and consequently makes it technically possible to drive for 14 consecutive hours.

According to CTA chief executive officer David Bradley, the CTA-Teamsters amendment would reflect true operational realities.

"With pre-trip inspections and other required duties, it would be virtually impossible for a driver to operate his rig for 14 consecutive hours," said CTA CEO David Bradley. "But there is no doubt that this issue has raised concerns among the public; our proposal would serve to set the record straight."

Teamsters Canada president Robert Bouvier said he was pleased CTA and Teamsters Canada agreed on the matter of daily driving limits.