Financially troubled satellite communications provider Orbcomm – a subsidiary of Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, VA – said that Caterpillar Inc. has renewed its licensing agreement to continue to use the Orbcomm network to transmit data for Caterpillar’s Product Link System.

Orbcomm, which operates a LEO satellite-based data communication system, said Caterpillar’s Product Link is a wireless equipment tracking and monitoring solution that enables two-way data communications between Caterpillar on-board machine systems and Caterpillar dealers and customers around the globe.

Using the Orbcomm system, Caterpillar dealers and customers can access timely and accurate machine data, such as engine hours, location, event/diagnostic information, as well as status reports on other important machine conditions.

Caterpillar said Product Link, used by Caterpillar dealers in Europe, Asia, South America and North America, helps its dealers more efficiently manage their service contracts, provide more timely preventive maintenance on their equipment and enhance fleet utilization.