The Department of Energy is hoping that an estimated $14 million will be available for grants through the "State Energy Program Special Projects for Fiscal Year 2004" which can be used in 10 different program areas including alternative fuels and vehicles.

The program of most interest to truck stakeholders is the Clean Cities segment which provides up to $5 million to support the deployment of alternative fuels and alternative vehicles (AFV) in the following 6 categories:

1 - projects that promote acquisition of commercially available AFV's that maximize alternative fuel uses, especially when those vehicles support an AFV niche market activity center or niche deployment strategy;
2) projects that promote AFV infrastructure development;
3) projects that promote truck idle reduction technologies;
4) projects that promote alternative fuel ferry demonstrations;
5) projects that promote the acquisition of AFV school buses and refueling infrastructure; and
6) projects that support coalition activities

Applicants must be in the United States. Applications must be submitted by the state energy office or other appropriate agency although states may work with non-state partners.

For information: or Kelly A. McDonald at 304-285-4113.