DriveCam Video Systems today announced it has signed a strategic marketing agreement with Smith System Driver Improvement Institute to provide fleets with enhanced driver training and safety programs.

Under the agreement, DriveCam and Smith System will endorse and promote complementary products that provide fleet customers with a comprehensive system to evaluate and improve driving behavior.

As part of the agreement, Smith System will incorporate DriveCam recordings of actual driving incidents, including those unique to specific types of fleets, into its fleet training programs. At the same time, DriveCam will incorporate Smith System's "Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving" into its driver coaching methods.

DriveCam's Driving Feedback System digitally records erratic driving and collisions from the vehicle, which are then used to counsel drivers and improve driving performance.

"Commercial fleet operators are facing mounting insurance rates and rising operating costs," said DriveCam president Ed Andrew. "Improving driving performance is the key to controlling insurance losses."