The Equipment Leasing Assn. (ELA) today released its report “Status & Outlook of the U.S. Truck and Trailer Leasing Marketplace.” The study measures the size and scope of the finance and lease markets for commercial trucks and trailers, while detailing both current and future trends in the marketplace.

The objectives of the analysis were to provide growth projection estimates, pinpoint and analyze future and current trends in the industry, determine success factors and challenges, identify major vendors and provide an overview of the secondary market. The completed study includes analysis of vehicles in Class 1-8, profile of leasing companies, summary of interview findings, lender and equipment profiles and the future outlook.

A key finding of the study is that companies have an opportunity for market entry. A number of industry consolidations have led to a need for firms with adequate financial resources.

According to the report, the qualities making the market desirable include a large customer base in need of financing, a large population of trucks and off-highway equipment both used and new, and a captive audience among dealers and end-users.