Ryder System Inc. has been selected by theLos Angeles Times, the nation's largest metropolitan daily newspaper, to provide dedicated contract carriage (DCC) services under a multi-year contract. Ryder will manage delivery of the Los Angeles Times from its printing plants to its circulation distribution centers, providing a turnkey package that includes vehicles, drivers, fleet management and preventive and programmed maintenance services.

Ryder was selected following a strategic review and feasibility study in which the management of the Los Angeles Times used six years of actual data to perform cost-benefit analyses of a variety of operating models. Options ranged from completely self-managed and self-operated distribution systems to varying levels of outsourced services.

"Although it was a very difficult decision, we found that the requirements of maintaining a trucking operation that has become more complex because of an aging fleet, regulatory requirements and technology issues were strategically at odds with our need to find greater operating efficiencies," said Mark Kurtich, senior vp of operations for the Los Angeles Times. "We've concluded that we can achieve a substantial improvement in transportation efficiencies by outsourcing through a DCC contract with Ryder." Ryder has been serving the newspaper and publishing industry for more than 50 years and currently has business relationships with 68 newspapers nationally, including the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Las Vegas Review and Miami Herald. Ryder operates more than 20 vehicle service centers in the Los Angeles area, where it serves a number of customers including Target Stores and Ralph's Grocery Stores.