Freightliner Trucks has unveiled its enhancements to its Classic and Classic XL truck models. The Class 8 vehicles are using a new chassis design now in production, and the upgrade will usher in new benefits in ride, maneuverability and handling for the driver-oriented trucks.

The new chassis design incorporated in the Classic and Classic XL trucks provides for a smoother ride, quieter performance, enhanced maneuverability and a stronger frame, Freightliner said.

A new leaf-and-a-half taper-leaf front suspension with a lower dynamic rate helps to smooth out rough roads. The Freightliner AirLiner front air suspension is now available on the Classic XL. In addition, the cab suspension now features larger rear air springs. Day cabs feature an air-ride cab mount as standard equipment.

In addition to the new suspension offerings, Freightliner engineers improved the exhaust system’s sound damping capability and incorporated a quieter clutch linkage design. Front cab mounts dampen vibration, while the new rear cab air ride suspension and improved engine mounts add to quiet and comfort.

The chevron-shaped engine mount, made of natural rubber, minimizes the transmission of engine vibration. The front cab isolator housing dampens vibration.

In addition to the chassis noise reduction measures, high density sound-damping materials have been applied to the cab floor and firewall, for reduced interior noise.

Most axle configurations feature narrow, high-pressure steering gears, giving the tires more room to turn.

Classic and Classic XL chassis are available with set-forward front axles in variety of wheelbases.

The new Classic XL chassis features higher strength steel frame rails rated at 120,000 PSI, 10,000 PSI higher than on the original chassis. The steel rails have a yield strength approximately 9 percent higher than rails on the original chassis, for a stronger and even more durable frame. In addition, an aluminum front casting delivers weight savings.

The new Classic and Classic XL trucks are available with a choice of diesel engines from Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar. The truck’s chassis features larger radiators with increased cooling capacity for the new engine designs. Radiators with up to 1,400-square-inch frontal areas are available for optimum engine cooling.

The new Classic and Classic XL trucks can be specified with a wide variety of component and styling options. The trucks are available as day cabs for vocational jobs or with sleeper units for long-haul applications.