An Atlanta-based company that specializes in developing online employee personality assessments thinks its system could provide big benefits to trucking companies looking to reduce driver turnover.

Fitability Systems said that employee turnover is troublesome for any industry, but is especially problematic for trucking firms because it contributes to higher training costs needed for new workers.

According to a recent Fitability study, 25% of American workers are expected to change jobs in the next 12 months and 83% of American workers feel like they are “mis-employed.”

The departure of key people can stall a company’s growth and hiring people who fit the job has become one of the industry’s biggest challenges, said the study. That’s why the company believes the trucking industry can do a better job finding and keeping the right employee by assessing prospective employees online in a simple 15-minute interview before their first face-to-face interview.

Based on five years of research and 130,000 participants, Fitability said its system incorporates a library of more than 750 personality profiles and job descriptions. These profiles provide employers with quick access to skill requirements, experience necessary, training, education and more, allowing trucking companies to compare applicants to selected job profiles and gain insights into their strengths and challenges.

Fitability said its online personality assessment service offers job-matching and employee-selection tools with no up-front fees, no software licenses to buy, and no training required.

“We remove many of the hiring and retention roadblocks companies face today in a tight labor market with recent mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing in the trucking industry,” said James Campbell, Fitability chairman and CEO.