Haldex Brake Systems has formed a strategic alliance with Altra Technologies Inc. MN, which has developed electronic anti-collision systems for commercial vehicles, and made an $3 million minority investment in the company.

Both companies will market the Altra collision avoidance system, which features the company’s patented SmartSensors. Each unit contains a radar sensor and built in software to analyze possible collision hazards without the need for a separate central processor. The SmartSensors can be deployed on the perimeter of any vehicle to guard against the most common accidents.

Haldex and Altra will cooperatively develop collision avoidance and other radar-based vehicle dynamics systems for global commercial vehicle markets. Future development projects between the companies will integrate Altra’s sensors into Haldex's electronic braking and stability control systems to provide active collision avoidance capability.

Altra has also developed a hybrid sensor that combines ultrasonic and radar technologies for obstacle detection while the vehicle in reverse.