The IntraUSA Group, Inc. recently delivered its first order of its headlamp life extenders to Truck-Lite Co. According to IntraUSA, the device significantly lengthens headlamp life by providing a soft-start to the filaments, regulating DC voltage and eliminating voltage spikes.

According to Will Watson, vp-sales for IntraUSA, trucks equipped with the headlamp life extenders are projected to have their headlamp life lengthen by as much as 60%. “Headlamps don't seem like a major cost area, but when you calculate the cost of parts, labor and time out of service for the industry average of four replacements per truck per year, you realize that headlamp failure quickly adds up to serious dollars,” he explained.

To extend headlamp life, the IntraUSA device uses a proprietary technology to control surges and limit output voltage (input to the headlamp) to 12.8 volts – the optimum balance of brightness and long-life, said Watson. “Typically,” he noted, “truck-mounted headlamps are operated at 13.8 to 14.2 volts. For every one-tenth of a volt above the optimum 12.8 volts, headlamp life is decreased by 11.3 percent. That’s why careful voltage regulation is so essential.”