TruCosting Systems

, LLC, a joint venture between industry experts, has been formed to offer the industry a software product that helps regional and private carriers better understand and manage their costs.

The company was formed as a joint venture between Martin Labbe of Martin Labbe Associaates, LLC, Duff Swain of Trincon Group, LLC and Tom Cox of Thomas S. Cox, P.A.

The venture’s software is a PC-based product that allows users to define the characteristics of a trip, determine the cost for that trip based on a carrier’s own financials, and review the details for each element of the trip.

“A choice between an owner-operator assignment or a company-driver assignment will affect the overall cost of the load and can be readily determined by the software,” Labbe said.

TruCosting will produce a direct costing income statement that is useful for break-even analysis, a break-even chart, and provide the tools necessary to price a load.