IntraUSA Group, a truck component supplier based in Tukwila, WA, has introduced a solid-state low-voltage disconnect (LVD) designed for aftermarket or OEM factory installation to help preserve truck batteries.

An LVD is an automatic switch that allows truck drivers to enjoy appliances and comfort items during key-off periods while preserving battery power needed to start the engine. Using patented technology, Intra’s LVD monitors battery levels, automatically disconnecting non-critical power loads when battery voltage reaches critical levels, the company said.

Designed to be installed by a qualified technician in less than an hour, the LVD also helps prevent batteries from being inadvertently drained. "Long-haul trucks have tremendous electrical draws. Even forgotten dome lights or a space heater in the sleeper can result in a deep discharge, forcing battery replacement," said Will Watson, vp-sales for IntraUSA.

In addition to battery replacement, Watson reported that industry-wide, jumpstarts are a growing cost category. "Anyone in the towing business will tell you that these are boom times, with the average jumpstart cost now exceeding $200 for the average local or remote service calls," he said.