Vistar Datacom announced that its GlobalWave MT2000 terminals will be used by James Brown Trucking to track and manage 1,000 trailers. Delivery is scheduled to begin this month and to be completed by year-end.

The GlobalWave system permits two-way, satellite-based data communications in real time to track and manage various fixed and mobile assets, such as trucks, trailers, oil and gas pipeline and wellhead facilities, chemical storage tanks and intermodal containers.

Vistar Datacom said GlobalWave's technology also supports homeland security concerns, giving shippers and carriers of hazardous materials and other dangerous goods the ability to increase security and reduce risk by tracking shipments covertly and without driver involvement.

James Brown Trucking's fleet of 1,500 trailers are used to provide transportation services and additionally are deployed as "mobile warehousing" facilities for customers throughout the Southeastern U.S.