The Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power (LADWP) reports that its fleet of over 170 electric vehicles has totaled 1-million operating miles in 15 years of operation.

The LADWP began using electric vehicles in the late 1980s for carpools, meter reading, security patrols, conservation demonstrations and other applications. Its electric vehicle program is also responsible for providing customers with at-home charging stations and offers incentives to customers who charge their vehicles in off-peak, nighttime hours. LADWP also partners with other organizations to install public, workplace and fleet chargers. To date, more than 400 charging stations have been upgraded or installed across the City of Los Angeles.

The LADWP said that, over 15 years, its electric vehicles have saved nearly 60,000 gal. of gasoline and reduced smog-forming emissions by 12,000 lbs.