The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced there will be minimum training requirements for drivers of longer combination vehicles (LCV). In addition the agency has established new requirements for instructors who train LCV drivers. These rules will be effective June 1.

Carriers will be prohibited from allowing drivers to operate an LCV until they complete specialized training, regardless whether the driver has a commercial driver’s license (CDL) with an LCV endorsement.

LCV training will consist of on- and off-the-road activities, such as route planning and checking cargo and weight. Different training courses have been tailored to vehicle groups for LCV doubles and triples. There will also be two types of LCV driver instructors: classroom and skills.

Doubles training will require that drivers show six months’ driving experience in vehicles with a gross combination weight rating of at least 26,001 lb. Triples training classes will require proving that the driver has six months’ experience in operating truck-tractor/semi-trailer or twin trailers experience.

Carriers will be able to waive these training requirements for current LCV drivers who have at least two years of safe LCV driving under their belts.

The final rule was listed in the Federal Register on Tuesday. For more information, go to