The Motor Freight Carriers Association (MFCA) yesterday announced its contribution to DOT’s program to increase seat belt use among truck drivers.

MFCA company plans will include:

-- Teamster drivers delivering the Buckle Up messages throughout their communities by holding highway safety seminars and Sharing the Road Safely events.
-- Buckle Up messages being incorporated into No-Zone events - which are geared toward new or young drivers - where the Teamster drivers focus on teaching by setting an example.
-- Buckle Up messages being placed on billboards in and around company facilities.
-- A trailer traveling around the U.S. displaying a "Protect Your Children - Buckle Up America" message in both English and Spanish.
-- Developing Public Service Announcements with state and local law enforcement on the importance of safety belts.

"Safety belt use is the single most effective strategy a person can employ to prevent deaths and injuries," said Timothy P. Lynch, President and CEO of the MFCA.