Ronald L. Ziegler, who served as NATSO president from 1981-1987, died of a heart attack in Coronado, CA on Monday. He was 63. Ziegler was best known for serving as White House press secretary for President Richard M. Nixon.

"He was an outstanding leader and a well-known Washington insider," said current NATSO president William D. Fay. "He was a significant factor in expanding the travel plaza and truckstop industry's presence in the nation's capital. NATSO also made great strides in membership recruitment and expansion of member services while Ron was at the helm of the association."

At the age of 29, Ziegler in 1969 became the youngest U.S. presidential press spokesman when he became Nixon's press secretary.

"Having known Ron since we worked together in the White House, and then later at NATSO, his death comes as a personal blow to me," said W. Dewey Clower, who retired as NATSO's president in December. "I will truly miss his friendship and counsel."