Brown & Brown Inc., of Tampa, FL, has joined forces with Starlink Logistics Inc., Electronic Data Systems Inc. and several cargo insurance underwriters to offer StarProtect, which combines satellite-based vehicle tracking technology, vehicle location and call center support, and cargo insurance all in one package.

StarProtect is a risk-management tool developed via Brown & Brown’s StarVision system, which uses public and private satellite communication systems, the Internet and strategic service providers to deliver a worldwide vehicle location system.

StarVision is designed to reduce losses for insurance companies and also reduce deductible payments for transportation companies. Together, StarVision and StarProtect, said Brown & Brown, can help address the increased cost of insurance due to current cargo market conditions. StarProtect links a team of insurance companies interested in underwriting cargo insurance for clients using StarVision technology.

"Working with several carriers, we are able to bring insurance coverage to clients of every size. Additionally, we are positioned to help bring more affordable protection to our clients at a time when insurance costs are on the rise. This will be accomplished by utilizing our loss-reducing StarVision technology," said Ken Petersen, president of commercial programs at Brown & Brown. "We will work closely with the agent and client to help implement a risk-management strategy that includes the very latest satellite tracking technology, the very best in insurance protection, at a reasonable cost."