Online freight-matching companies National Transportation Exchange (NTE) and pFreight have made a deal so that ground transportation carriers who use the pFreight Internet site can sell their capacity and receive a variety of e-transportation benefits through NTE.

NTE, based in Downers Grove, IL, added that pFreight members can use NTE’s service to optimize their capacity by reducing deadhead miles and equipment downtime, improving their backhaul revenues and making better transportation decisions.

"With the addition of the NTE Exchange, we now offer a simple and easy way for carriers to improve their asset utilization and productivity," said Scott Moscrip, pFreight’s president. "Carriers can access real-time inventory of immediately available, high-quality freight. Because we’re capitalizing on the power of the Internet, there’s no need for negotiations, numerous phone calls or invoicing."

To streamline the procurement process, NTE posts the pre-committed rates for each load, matches compatible trading partners, and provides shipment and delivery information online, along with handling financial settlement. The entire process is automated and can be integrated directly into a company's ERP or carrier dispatch system.

With this alliance, pFreight, an electronic commerce firm largely funded by Ryder System, represents a potentially sizeable addition of carriers to the 1,500 members NTE already has, the company said.