Four truckloads of donated emergency supplies including “Jaws of Life” devices have been carried from Gafney, SC, to Washington, DC, and New York City by Overnite Transportation Co., which says it is offering free trucking services to anyone donating materials and supplies for relief efforts at the three crash sites.

The Jaws of Life equipment was donated by manufacturer Hurst Emergency Products.

An Overnite spokesman says the fleet has already moved a number of shipments to the three crash sites and will continue providing the service for as long as necessary.

Union Pacific Corp., Overnite's parent company, has also announced that it will match all employee contributions to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army earmarked for disaster relief in Washington, DC or New York City.

Anyone needing transportation for donated emergency equipment and other material can contact their local Overnite service center to arrange for pickup and delivery, according to the spokesman.