If you’re waiting for a package to arrive and you’re in New York City or Washington, DC, it may take a few extra days to get there. And even if you do not live or work where terrorist attacks have brought those cities to a standstill, the suspension of commercial flights by the FAA may still cause a delay in your delivery, carriers said today.

Due to the U.S. national tragedy, Roadway operations in the New York City metro area have been temporarily suspended and operations in the Washington, DC area have been temporarily reduced.

“Currently we are assessing all of our operations and the impact of the events on them.” The company said in a press release. “At this time, excluding the New York and Washington metro areas, the remainder of our freight network and systems are operating normally.”

FedEx Express said it is continuing to operate as normally as possible under the circumstances.

“We are making as many pickups and deliveries as possible; however, due to the shutdown of the United States aviation network, it is likely that many shipments will be delayed 24 to 48 hours,” the company said, adding that they are cooperating fully with government authorities.

UPS has suspended service to New York City and major portions of Washington, DC. UPS said it has accounted for all of its drivers and package handlers in the affected areas and all are safe.

Deliveries and pick-ups are continuing, with the exceptions of New York and Washington. However, due to the current state of emergency throughout the country, package movements may be delayed. Because of the state of emergency enacted by President George W. Bush, UPS has suspended its guarantees for delivery times until further notice.

UPS will continue to accept both air and ground packages and will move the air packages as expeditiously as possible, using the ground network within its integrated system. There may be some extended delays for packages moving into or out of the United States.

The United States Postal Service said no mail will be collected from street mailboxes today, or Wednesday in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Any customer wishing to mail items must bring them to a post office.

Mail delivery in Manhattan will be attempted as long as letter carriers can gain access to the building. Where mail cannot be delivered, customers will be notified where their mail can be picked up.

Airborne Express said it will continue operations, including pickups and deliveries, in areas where the crisis has not precluded such activity. However, the current FAA shutdown of the national air network precludes the operation of Airborne's fleet within the U.S. until further notice.

The carrier said it cannot assure service commitments until further notice, but will continue to provide its best efforts to get customers' packages delivered within its available means.