The driver of an ’87 Toyota Corolla involved in the car-truck accident that resulted in a six-day shutdown of I-95 Southbound lanes on March 25 was issued a $128 ticket for failure to drive in the established lane.

The driver of the passenger vehicle was going southbound and drifted toward the lane of a fuel tanker, Connecticut state police said. The tanker swerved to avoid her car, but the two vehicles collided anyway. The tanker overturned and its cargo ignited.

It was determined that the operator of the Corolla was at fault.

The heat of the burning fuel resulted in the supporting metal beams of the overpass sagging, resulting in the destruction of the bridge.

No serious injuries resulted. Connecticut police have completed their investigation of the accident.

According to the Associated Press, the government allocated $11.2 million to repair the bridge, along with another $2 million in emergency funds.