Reading, PA-based Penske Logistics has decided to install Collision Warning System (CWS) equipment – also known as truck radar – throughout its tractor-trailer fleet following a successful pilot program of Eaton’s VORAD EVT-300 CWS product. The system was tested on tractor-trailers Penske operates for Whirlpool Corp.

“We will now include the EVT-300 as standard equipment on all of our new tractor orders,” said Paul Penatzer, vp-safety for Penske Logistics. “In addition to installing the CWS on all new tractors, we also plan to retrofit the EVT-300 on many of the tractors in our existing fleet by the end of this year. This represents an investment of more than $2 million.”

Eaton’s VORAD EVT-300 is a high frequency radar system that transmits radar signals from the front-end and side of the truck, monitoring up to 20 vehicles ahead and in the blind spot area on the right side. When a potentially hazardous situation is detected, a display unit on the dashboard emits a series of visual and audible alerts, warning the driver and providing sufficient time for the driver to react before an accident can occur.

As part of its partnership with Whirlpool, Penske conducted a pilot program last year to study the effects of using CWS technology. Eaton’s EVT-300 was installed on 50% of the Whirlpool fleet managed by Penske. Accident costs were tracked for a year using the previous 12 months as a benchmark.

Penske said trucks equipped with the radar system realized an 81% decrease in costs due to accidents that could be prevented with radar, along with a 44% reduction in costs for all auto liability accidents. Auto liability costs consist of financial losses due to legal liability for damage to other vehicles and accident-related injuries.