LOUISVILLE, KY – Peterbilt Motors Co. unveiled a redesigned version of its medium-duty truck at the Mid America Trucking Show yesterday and said it will go into production in May of this year. Dan Sobic, Peterbilt’s GM, said some of the key features are new exterior styling, a new and stronger composite material called Metton used for the truck’s hood and fenders, plus a headlight package taken from its Model 387 Class 8 tractor that will provide 40% better forward road illumination. Erik Binns, Peterbilt’s new medium-duty marketing manager, told Fleet Owner that exterior in particular is becoming a bigger issue for Class 6 & 7 truck buyers. “In the past, I’ve been told that styling doesn’t matter to these buyers as they view their trucks as just work tools,” he said. “However, I’ve found in recent talks with customers that it’s not true – styling matters to Class 6 & 7 users specifically because the truck needs to reflect well on the company it’s adorned with.” Peterbilt noted that it would cease building its current medium-duty product, the Model 330, by year’s end.