Supply chain managers can prioritize their 3PL needs by visiting a web site launched this week byRedwood Systems, a subsidiary of Consolidated Freightways that provides third-party logistics management services with capabilities in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

A visit to the Redwood Systems site gives supply chain managers a practical synopsis of essential information about core services offered by one of the industry's top 3PL providers, said Randy Tutor, the company’s vp.

"The maze of available logistics services has led to a confusing array of services and capabilities throughout the 3PL industry, and sifting through the wide variety of 3PL capabilities can be a painful process for many supply chain managers," Tutor said.

Tutor explained that many companies know they should be outsourcing expensive, weak links within their supply chain. But he said the process of prioritizing specific needs, identifying appropriate solutions and evaluating potential 3PL partners is very difficult.

He added that the site is of use for a wide array of industries, including electronics, manufacturing, retailing and consumer product distribution.