@Road has announced the availability of Exception Services, a feature that offers alerts and reports identifying incidents where mobile workers meet or exceed customer-defined business rules.

A value-added application available for use with the @Road GeoManagerM service, Exception Services enables companies to identify and respond to scheduled or spontaneous field activities.

Depending on their needs, companies can customize up to a dozen different alerts and reports, including when a mobile worker reaches a particular landmark, ventures outside a given region or is inactive for an extended period of time.

“Some managers may not have the bandwidth to review detailed reports and maps relating to employee field activity on a daily basis,” said Krish Panu, CEO of @Road. “Exception Services is designed to help our customers maximize the productivity of field operations while increasing the @Road average revenue per subscriber.”

Alerts can be delivered via email, to a mobile telephone or to a web-based notification console that displays, sorts and manages alerts as they are processed. Once an exception occurs and is created in the @Road network, the customer can modify, store or delete it as desired.