MIAMI – According to the Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA), one of the most overlooked attributes of truck renting and leasing companies is their ability to put the safest equipment on the road. And TRALA wants to leverage that advantage to head off what it views as overly broad and punitive regulation efforts by the federal government.

“In terms of safety, our industry has a good story to tell,” Peter Vroom, newly named president of TRALA, told Fleet Owner. “One of our industry’s distinct characteristics is that we buy 40% of all new trucks – the ones with the latest safety devices and design enhancements,” he said, adding that the equipment also undergoes constant maintenance. “That’s why we believe we should not be penalized by the broad regulatory brush that covers trucking. Regulations tend to be designed to cover the lowest common denominator, whereas we believe our industry generally meets a higher operating standard.”

Vroom said one of TRALA’s main efforts this year will be to make government agencies that regulate trucking “more aware” of the safety virtues inherent in the renting and leasing industry.

“Safety is an aspect of trucking we believe is not focused on enough,” he said. “The majority of the truck renting and leasing industry’s customers are private carriers and they are some of the safest operators on the road. That’s why we plan to talk a lot more about the higher safety profile of our industry this year.”