Savi Technology has unveiled a new version of its electronic SmartSeal security device for standard freight containers. Equipped with a fiber-optic cable loop, the seal detects security problems and alerts personnel whenever a cargo container has been tampered with, violated or mis-routed, the company said.

Sunnyvale, CA-based Savi said its SmartSeal system was originally designed for non-standard freight containers such as intermediate bulk containers, air freight unit load devices, roll cages, pallets and totes.

The system uses a flexible fiber-optic cable instead of a standard bolt seal for more flexibility and adaptability for non-standard types of cargo containers. For example, the length of the cable can be adjusted to the size and configuration of the container and it can be looped around related equipment, such as tarps, nets and other tie-downs that cover products being transported via the particular conveyance, Savi said.