Schneider Logistics Inc., a subsidiary of truckload carrier Schneider National, and Caterpillar Logistics Services, a subsidiary of engine maker Caterpillar have signed an agreement to help Caterpillar optimize its transportation network in North America.

Schneider Logistics, based in Green Bay, WI, will serve as the application services provider for transportation management technology. Schneider's Sumit suite of applications will be used by Cat Logistics to provide transportation management as well as shipment information throughout the supply chain.

Schneider's technology will provide the software tools for Cat Logistics to optimize multiple transportation methods for inbound and outbound shipments while providing the ability to track and trace material that is in transit.

"This initiative not only implements a centralized transportation optimization approach of truck shipments across the enterprise, but will improve transportation processes for Caterpillar facilities, suppliers and carriers," said Steve Wunning, head of Cat Logistics and a vp of Peoria, IL-based Caterpillar. Wunning added that the relationship with Schneider Logistics provides Cat a significant opportunity to further enhance its integrated transportation network.