FORT LAUDERDALE— A portable, air-powered version of ESOC’s sealed oil change system was introduced at the annual meeting of ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council. The 850 Portable can be rolled on its wheels through a terminal lot or carried in a service truck, and is particularly well suited to servicing refrigeration unit engines, according to ESOC.

The company also announced that Speedco Inc., the quick-change oil service provider for on-highway trucks, will install the ESOC automatic oil change system at all of its 32 locations starting in July.

The ESOC system uses two patented quick-connect fittings and air pressure to purge an engine and its filters of old oil, and then replenish both the filters and crankcase with new oil automatically, also prelubing the engine for initial start up. The used oil is transferred to sealed containers, allowing technicians to complete an oil change quickly and without danger of spills or shop-floor contamination.

The new 850 Portable can complete a 40-qt. heavy-duty engine oil change in approximately 10 minutes and a reefer unit oil change in four minutes, according to the company. It runs on shop air and does not require electric service.

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