FORT LAUDERDALE— International marketing Inc. (IMI) has announced Smart Sense, a system designed “to overcome obstacles to efficient battery charging.”

According to IMI, the system essentially makes remote-sense alternators “smart.”

The company explained that Smart Sense controls the regulator setting, and therefore, alternator output voltage based on the sensed ambient temperature of the batteries at their remote location. This is achieved via sensing hardware and a sense wire running from the alternator to the battery pack.

The company noted that the remote-sense alternator needed for Smart Sense can be purchased new or, in most cases, current “one-wire” alternators can be easily modified to become remote-sense units.

By continually delivering charging voltage to the batteries by sensing and signaling to the alternator what optimum output voltage is required, said IMI, Smart Sense offers these advantages:

  • Longer battery life

  • Faster, more reliable cold starts

  • Improved start life

  • Reduced engine idling time

  • Longer time available fro driver creature comforts without risking “no starts”

Smart Sense was developed and refined By Purkey Fleet Electric and Vehicle Enhancement Systems and is being marketed through IMI.

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